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Power and Security for Small Electronics
Single Wire Eliminates Clutter and Provides Power and Security

Vantage Security

Merchandise Display Security

Designed to Help Sell & Protect the
Mobile Technologies


Available Features:
* A Variety of Heights & Colors Available
* Alarm & Power Options
* Coiled Cord or Recoiler Models
* Single Wire Eliminates Clutter
* Igloo or Metal Base Plates
* With or Without Grippers
* Self-Centering Sensor Pivots to Portrait or Landscape
* Accommodates Devices of Varying Size
* Simple Installation & Maintenance

Vantage Display Security
Vantage Display Security

Vantage II Bases

Vantage II Sensor Angles

Bases & Sensors Are Available In Black or White


How The Vantage II System
Protects Merchandise

Vantage Protection

Horizontal Sensor Used For Camera Utilizes:
* Security Switch
* Double-Faced Adhesive
* Anti-Rotation Bracket
* Tripod Mounting Screw
When Properly Applied, The Switch Is Closed
  & The Adhesive With The Bracket Prevents Rotation
For Both Sensors, When Properly Attached To The Displayed Device
  & Alarm, The LED Light  Will Be Illuminated Confirming Protection
Angled Sensor Uses Two (2) Separate Switches To Provide Security
* When The Display Item Is Properly Attached,
The Double-Faced Adhesive Holds It In Place
The Two Switches Are Closed, Enabling
Protection On Devices With A Partial
Removable Battery Door
* Dual Sensors Would Be Used For Items With A
Removable Battery Door That Encompasses
The Entire Back Of The Item
U.S. Patent No. 5,861,807 U.S. Patent No. 6,027,277

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