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Advanced Technology for Clothing Protection
Se-Kure Klothing Kontrol System
 Designed to Fit On Wall, T-Stands, Waterfalls & Rounder Displays
 Protects Up To 20 Garments
 Simple Changeable Keypad Codes

 Select From Four Different Sensors
 Up To 16 Month Battery Life
 Uses (6) AA Batteries
 Low Battery Alert
 Automatically Re-Arms

The Klothing Kontrol Alarm is a unique, tamper-resistant warning system. It offers the widest variety of sensors available to protect garments. It incorporates a "visual memory" that keeps the LED's flashing until the tampered sensor is identified and corrected. It is the most powerful alarm on the market with up to 16 months battery life. If the alarm is triggered, the battery power is capable of sustaining a continuous alarm for up to 6-1/2 days! It has the "Where-It's-At" option, that flashes a light at the top of the display to help locate the source of the alarm. Its compact size allows protection without being visually obtrusive.

 SK-3620   Klothing Kontrol Alarm Module (with 20 Klothing Kontrol Sensors & U-Bolt)
 SK-3600   Klothing Kontrol Alarm Module (Black shown on display in inset)
 SK-3600SS   Bright Stainless Steel Klothing Kontrol Alarm Module
 SK-3600TK   Klothing Kontrol II Alarm Module with Full Keypad (Black) and Key
 SK-3617S   12 Foot (Coiled) Cord Klothing Kontrol Sensor Clip
 SK-3652S   12 Foot (Straight Wire) Klothing Kontrol Lasso Sensor
 SK-3653S   12 Foot (Coiled) Cord Klothing Kontrol Sensor for Garment Sleeves
 SK-3660S   5 Foot (Coiled) plus 8 Foot (Straight) Klothing Kontrol Lasso Sensor
 SK-3690   “Where-Its-At” Light for the Klothing Kontrol Alarm System
 SK-335KKA   U-Bolt with Nuts for Klothing Kontrol Alarm Module
 SK-336  Universal Saddle Bracket for the Klothing Kontrol Alarm Module (see page 15)
 SK-338   Shelf Standard Bracket for the Klothing Kontrol Alarm Module (see page 15)

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