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Ideal Store Setup to Keep Your Products Safe

Ideal Store Setup to Keep Your Products Safe

The layout of your retail store is extremely important to its success. That’s because having the right configuration can help encourage shoppers to spend more time browsing, introduce them to new products, and create the most pleasant shopping experience overall. How your floor plan is laid out can do more for your bottom line than you might imagine. Careful planning of your aisles, fixtures and displays also can be effective in preventing theft and shrinkage.

Developing Your Store’s Layout

Knowing how to protect your products means first thinking about how everything will be strategically arranged and where the most vulnerable points may be.

This is the recommended process for creating a floor plan:

  • Step 1: Decide on the basic type. Grids tend to be ideal for grocery and big box stores. Loop and free-form arrangements are best for apparel, technology and specialty retailers.
  • Step 2: Create a map. Laying out your sales floor on paper first will help you identify the flow of customers. It also will help you pinpoint areas where shoplifters may attempt to exploit your security. Look for isolated corners or places where shelves might hide activity from employees. Mirrors and camera domes strategically placed in these areas can help you keep an eye on these otherwise-hidden places.
  • Step 3: Think about your customers’ habits. If you sell electronics, you probably want to add an area in the front where customers can test devices. Clothing stores should consider a display at the entrance to show off new styles. This is referred to as a decompression zone, where shoppers transition from simply browsing to actively shopping. This also is one of the most vulnerable areas for theft. Be sure to utilize retractors, cable locks and security stands to keep items in sight but firmly tethered to your fixtures.
  • Step 4: Place your registers. If you have a smaller number of employees, it’s a good idea to place your registers toward the front of the store. This can discourage thieves from taking a chance with your inventory. Because most people tend to start on the right-hand side and work their way around while they shop, placing your checkout area on the left maximizes your promotional space.

The Right Layout Can Deter Theft

Your floor plan is crucial for your success in numerous ways. Combined with security products for added protection, the right techniques can reduce your losses considerably. Make sure your store is arranged to maximize your bottom line and optimized for loss-prevention.