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Security Mirrors And Domes

Se-Kure Controls / Security Mirrors And Domes

The most well-secured, safe business property has integrated monitoring supplies and features throughout the building. While surveillance cameras can do a lot, security mirrors and domes add that layer of security that takes property protection to the next level. Plus, these fixtures can be used to keep everyone in the building safe in high-risk areas. At Se-Kure Controls, we have a full line of security-style mirrors, domes and dome security camera systems to better ensure your business is safe.

Noteworthy Features of Security Mirrors and Domes

Security Mirrors

  • Provide a view down long halls and corridors
  • Provide safety around corners and wall intersections
  • Offer a view from behind obstacles, such as aisles or shelves of merchandise
  • Available in multiple sizes for various environments


  • Give a 360-degree view from overhead
  • Allow for visibility between aisles in retail environments
  • Mount to ceilings easily without taking space

Why Should Retailers Invest in Security Mirrors and Domes?

In 2014 alone, retailers lost $44 billion in revenue due to shoplifting and other forms of fraud. Reflective security mirrors and domes help combat theft and elevate the views from different angles inside of a building so people who are trying to shoplift can be seen by staff. For further protection, a dome security camera system would conceal the camera you use for surveillance from public view, which can also aid in catching those who are stealing merchandise.

What Businesses Benefit Most From Security Mirrors and Domes?

There are countless settings where mirrors and domes make good sense, and there are many businesses that use them for security purposes. Some of the primary settings, of course, are retail environments. These spaces are often so large and contain so many areas within the building where activity cannot be monitored, the mirrors and domes are logical to place in corners and over specific areas. However, these security and safety devices are also used in:

  • Convenience stores and gas stations
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical facilities
  • Schools, colleges and other educational institutions
  • Prisons and high-security facilities
  • Theaters, sports arenas and other entertainment venues

For even more security, a dome security camera system or dome CCTV conceals the cameras used for surveillance from public view.

Overall, keeping your place of business secure is always top priority, and security mirrors and domes can be a huge help in making that happen. If you would like to know more about choosing security mirrors and domes for your business property, reach out to Se-Kure Controls today.