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Phone And Tablet Anti-Theft Devices

Se-Kure Controls / Phone And Tablet Anti-Theft Devices

Se-Kure Controls Is Your Source for Tablet & Mobile Phone Anti-Theft Display Stand Solutions

As a retailer of smartphones and tablets, you know that these small electronic devices present a tempting target to dedicated shoplifters as well as to thieves who would make off with them during random crimes of opportunity.

The trick is in displaying these items in an attractive way without turning off customers who need to touch and interact with them before making a purchase.

At Se-Kure Controls, we have been providing solutions to prevent shrinkage in retail settings since 1965. We bring considerable experience and knowledge to the table with our range of mobile phone anti-theft display stands systems.

Power and Protect Your Store’s Phones and Tablets with Our State-of-the-Art Vantage Stands

You can protect and sell the newest mobile technologies with greater peace of mind, thanks to our line of cellphone display stand and tablet display stand systems.

Se-Kure Controls is proud to provide customizable Vantage II display systems. They are stylish and deliver electricity to keep devices operating while preventing shoplifters from making off with them.

The main features and benefits of these systems include:

  • Variety of heights and colors — easy to coordinate with your store’s branding.
  • Alarm and power options — secure the mobile devices while making sure batteries stay topped off.
  • Coiled cord or recoiler® models — whichever option is best for your display.
  • Igloo or metal base plates — tailor the system to support the look and feel of your merchandising.
  • With or without grippers — grippers serve to further lock down and stabilize the mobile phone or tablet.
  • Self-centering sensor pivots to portrait or landscape — allows customers to see how the device looks in different orientations.
  • Accommodates devices of varying size — you can retail a wide range of tablets and phones with Vantage II stands.
  • Simple to install and maintain — saves you time and effort that you can now devote to improving customer service.
  • Lock-down option to present a harder target — discourage thieves from casually scooping up a tablet or smartphone while pretending to just be evaluating devices.
  • Power adapters available — include Micro USB, Lightning and USB Type C to accommodate a range of store setups.

If a standard, off-the-shelf anti-theft tablet stand or smartphone stand is appealing to you but doesn’t quite meet your company’s particular requirements, our team would be happy to create a customized version just for you.

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Installing security measures such as anti-theft tablet stands or cellphone display stands will help you reduce shrinkage from shoplifting, to be sure. However, it’s also worth considering that these security features will allow you to devote more resources to assisting customers rather than keeping an eye on them for signs of criminal intent.

If you would like to learn more about our approach to preventing the theft of tablets and mobile devices, or need to consult with us about using them in your business, please contact Se-Kure Controls today.