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Understandably, one of the biggest worries retailers have is protecting their stores from theft. Shoplifting accounts for a significant amount of shrinkage. Although shop owners and managers may train their employees to watch for any attempts to steal merchandise, the unfortunate truth is that they can’t see everything that happens on the floor. Surveillance cameras can watch over the vast majority of a store, but that’s all they can do. To help ensure shoplifters cause as little damage to the bottom line as possible, retailers need active anti-theft security solutions. At Se-Kure Controls, we have a wide selection of retail security products to keep items where they’re supposed to be — and out of the hands of would-be thieves.

Complete Security Solutions for Retailers

We’re known as a leader in anti-theft devices for retail stores. That’s because we offer an exceptionally broad line of products for protecting merchandise. Whether they enable employees to see behind displays, sound alarms or lock items in place, our retail store security devices are always working to prevent loss.

Here is a brief summary of some of the products we offer:

  • Mirrors and Domes: Staff members can keep a close eye on their surroundings with these solutions.
  • Clothing Security: Put clothing on display securely with cables, locks and other measures.
  • Electronics Security: Today’s electronic devices are small enough to be an attractive target for shoplifters, but these products deter theft while keeping devices organized.
  • Mechanical Security: Retractors and recoilers tether merchandise to displays to discourage theft.
  • Alarm Systems: Deter anyone attempting to steal items from display cases or shelves with powerful alarms.
  • General Devices: We also offer an extensive range of locks, drop boxes, electronic eyes and annunciator

Why Choose Se-Kure Controls?

Our product line makes sense for virtually any kind of retailer. That’s because they take the worry out of preventing items from being stolen. With these measures in place, employees are free to concentrate on serving customers. They can have peace of mind that these devices will prevent the majority of shoplifting attempts and deter criminals from trying again. Managers can see a downturn in shrinkage and a rise in profitability.

We understand the challenges retailers face when trying to keep their merchandise safe from thieves. When they choose us for anti-theft solutions, they receive the benefit of our experience as well as our extensive product lineup.

For more information about how we can help your store, contact us today.