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Se-Kure Controls / Lock-Down Device (White)
Lock-Down Device (White)Lock-Down Device (White)
Lock-Down Device (White)
Lock-Down Device (White)

Lock-Down Device (White)

Se-Kure’s mighty SK-650 is truly the “mother” of all locking grippers. This brand new Smart Phone Lock Down Device from Se-Kure Controls® offers maximum protection for expensive smart phones. It can also be configured to display tablets.

Best of all, No Tools Are Required to remove or install Display Merchandise on the device! Produced in black anodized aluminum, the SK-650 fits both standard & plus size Smart Phones and mounts to your display with only 2 bolts and nuts. Now you can change Display Merchandise or quickly store product in the safe at night without using any tools! The SK-650 system opens to 3-7/8″W x 6-5/8″T and closes to 2-1/8″W x 4-1/4″T.


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