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Mirrored Domes

Providing a 360 degree viewing area, the mirrored dome provides employee protection.

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SK-360-18 shown

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360 Degree Mirrored Acrylic Dome w/mounting hardware


All domes include mounting hardware. Also available are one and two piece domes with panels that fit into 2' x 2' suspended ceilings. Domes available in acrylic and polycabonate. Full Domes also available with Safety Borders. Options include 360 degree Full Domes, 270 degree Corner Domes, 180 degree Half Domes and 90 degree Quarter Domes. See-Thru Mirrored domes also available.


Diameter sizes available include 18", 26", 32", 36", 48" and 60". Available with Hardboard or Plastic backs.


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