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Se-Kure Controls / Safe-N-Sekure Recoiler
Safe-N-Sekure RecoilerSafe-N-Sekure Recoiler
Safe-N-Sekure Recoiler
Safe-N-Sekure Recoiler

Safe-N-Sekure Recoiler

The Safe-N-Sekure Recoiler keeps merchandise safe and wires from view. It easily attaches to any display counter or within any fixture. This unique recoiling system pulls out easily (standard 48″ pull) and retracts smoothly into place. The wire is .0624 diameter aircraft cable.   Download the original full-resolution image

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Safe-N-Sekure Recoiler w/ 1-1/2" Round Tuit


Any of the variety of cable ends, one alternate wire exit


1-1/2"W x 2"H x 3-3/8" L