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Se-Kure Controls / Timed Door Alarm
Timed Door AlarmTimed Door AlarmTimed Door Alarm
Timed Door Alarm
Timed Door Alarm
Timed Door Alarm

Timed Door Alarm

Se-Kure Control’s Timed Door Alarm

With the magnet near the alarm, you can set the door alarm delay up or down. 0=immediate alarm, 1=1 min… etc. Time can be set up or down in 1-minute increments up to 20 minutes.

The Time Delay feature can be set only when the door is closed with the magnet in proximity to the Alarm Module.

It was designed to protect the contents of Pharmacy refrigerators or any door that you would like to be made aware of when opened.


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AC Adapter External Horn


2-3/4" W x 4" L x 7/8" H