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Electronic Alarms

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ME Junior Plus 2
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K-9 Alarm
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Gate Alarm
Tall Glass Alarm
Timed Door Alarm

We manufacture an extensive selection of electronic alarms to suit virtually any loss-prevention need. These products include some of the most advanced features found on the market today. Whether you have a small end-cap or a large display case that requires protection for your merchandise, we have a solution that will keep it safe.

When used in conjunction with our full line of sensors and recoilers, retailers can feel confident knowing that their big-ticket items will remain secure on the shelf or on the stand. At Se-Kure Controls, our electronic alarm systems are among the most effective deterrents for shoplifters because they emit a strong, piercing sound the instant they detect an attempt to steal the products they are protecting.

Here is a quick overview of some of the major product types we offer you:

ME Junior Plus 2

A cutting-edge system, this is capable of protecting up to 120 SKUs. Among its many included features are two available circuits for bi-directional protection, low-battery alerts and battery backup. The versatility of this system and large capacity make it ideal for securing display stands containing merchandise such as power tools, cameras and other high-end electronics.

Multi-Port Alarms

Capable of supporting up to 12 modules, these can be powered by an AC supply as well as batteries for continuous use. With their compact size and reliability, they’re the perfect choice for guarding end-caps or counter spaces where small numbers of items are displayed. These also are available with an option for USB power.

K-9 Alarms

Discreet but powerful, this standalone module has nine ports as well as a keypad for arming and disarming the system. This makes a strong theft deterrent on countertops as well as shelving units where a limited number of SKUs need to be secured.

MicroMini Alarms

These work well for protecting handbags or other portable items because they are retracting alarms in a small size. Whenever the retractor cable is cut or moved, the alarm sounds.

Kontrol Card Door/Drawer Locks

These systems replace traditional keys with RFID cards. The electromagnetic locks can be locked and unlocked quickly and easily using card access. One of the primary benefits of this device is how easily existing displays can be retrofitted with it. This unit can provide security for up to 12 locks at a time.

Display Case Beepers

This simple-yet-effective device sounds whenever a door or drawer is opened. Powered by a 9-volt battery, it uses magnets to detect opening. It also is available with a 10-second delay. This can be useful in stock rooms where employees may need to be reminded to keep storage areas closed.

Gate Alarms

These alarms are used to prevent unauthorized egress from an unattended cash station pathway that is blocked by a gate. They use battery power and come with a special collar lasso sensor.

Tall Glass Alarms

Specifically designed to prevent unwanted access to display cases with tall doors, these can safeguard up to six entry points. An infrared remote allows authorized employees to open them. The device also signals if the case has been left open for too long.

Remote Modules

These products can be added to any of our systems. They allow arming and disarming of alarms with an I-button, keypad code or key.